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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Led Zeppelin 1969

I came across this video today and I felt that I had to share it.  It is one of Led Zeppelin's first performances and I found it interesting for a number of reasons.  It is always fun to look at early historical performances by bands who would later become legends, but if you watch this video you will notice some really interesting things that surprised me.

The first thing I noticed was that Jimmy Page was playing a Fender Telecaster. Obviously, his classic collection of Gibsons had not become his main staple yet, like his Gibson Les Paul, Gibson SG or his infamous Gibson Double Neck SG.

If Jimmy Page playing a Telecaster with Led Zeppelin was not surprise enough, I then noticed John Bonham's drum kit. All he had was a bass, high hat, 2 cymbals, 2 toms and a snare. Quite a minimalist beginning for someone who would become known for his elaborate and expansive sets of drums.  Unfortunately, the camera never pans to John Paul Jones in a way that I can identify his instrument.

Enjoy this rare look into the humble and minimal beginning to one of Rock's great all time legends.  Enjoy.

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