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DJ Sue
Welcome to my blog. I’m a DJ in Second Life and I find myself discussing the music I’m playing with many of those in attendance at my shows. Unfortunately, when I am busy DJing, I can’t participate and discuss the music as fully as I would like. I’m hoping this blog can help change that. Look here before my set to see if I might be playing something interesting today or maybe after to see if discussion on a topic might continue. You are invited to join in the conversation and leave comments.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Space Lady

Her real name is Susan Schneider though she performs under the name the “Space Lady.”  She has also been known as “Suzy Sounds.”  Her mother was a classically trained pianist and her father a violinist. She is originally from Colorado though she began performing on street corners and in subway stations in Boston in the 1980’s before moving her act to San Francisco.  She began playing the accordion and singing along but upgraded to a Casio keyboard in 1983.  Her then husband, Joel Dunsany, wrote her a song, Synthesize Me, to celebrate the change.

Her performances were considered odd and with a somewhat out of this world feel, with her music taking on an ethereal feel.  She was known for always wearing her silver helmet, with white wings and red light on top, when she performed.  Her repertoire consisted mostly of covers of classic rock tunes, which she covered solo.

In 2000 she retired and returned to Colorado to care for her aging mother and father.

Today, during my set, I’ll play the following mini set by the Space Lady:
Born to be Wild (Steppenwolf)
I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night (The Electric Prunes)
20th Century Fox (The Doors)

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