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Welcome to my blog. I’m a DJ in Second Life and I find myself discussing the music I’m playing with many of those in attendance at my shows. Unfortunately, when I am busy DJing, I can’t participate and discuss the music as fully as I would like. I’m hoping this blog can help change that. Look here before my set to see if I might be playing something interesting today or maybe after to see if discussion on a topic might continue. You are invited to join in the conversation and leave comments.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Sue's Sunday Sojourn... The Rolling Stones

Sue’s Sunday Sojourn

The Vault!

 This week marks the beginning of a new Sunday feature, Sue’s Sunday Sojourn.  Each week I will showcase a particular artist or band during my entire two hour set.  Each week, prior to the set, there will be a blog post where I will write about my memories, favorite stories or share other interesting tidbits.  The idea here is not to tell the story of the band or play two hours of their greatest hits.  The idea behind Sue’s Sunday Sojourn will be to spend time with Sue, down in her music vault.  As she puts together the set, she will reminisce and share special memories.  “I remember when this came out,” or, “I recall hearing this for the first time and I thought…”  She might share little known facts, favorite memories, fun stories or maybe even some personal experiences. 

The sets will have plenty of the big hits but be ready for a few obscure tunes that may be her personal favorites.  She will probably include a few rarities or possibly unreleased material, along with other sundry curios.  So join her every Sunday night from 7-9 as she lets you into her world.

The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones in 1965

When I was a kid, there were two great giants in Rock and Roll, spun forth from the British Invasion.  These, of course, were the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.  Both made a splash in the United States at about the same time with the Beatles hitting it big a few months before the Stones.  I liked both but there was just one problem, I was not allowed to like both.  The kids at school, my peers, insisted that if you were a fan of one, then you couldn’t be a fan of the other.  The rivalry was that strong but I never understood it.

So I publicly declared my love of the Beatles, who were far more refined than the Stones.  The Stones had more of an edge and were seen as something of a bunch of bad boys.  Now, since I placed myself in the Beatles’ camp I had to further declare who was my favorite Beatle, something peculiar about Beatles fans.  For the record, mine was (and still is if I must choose), George.  However, I still secretly loved the Stones too and listened to their music.  My record collection (please forgive me) had both Beatles and Stones records and if I went to a party, I made sure I left any Rolling Stones’ records at home.

In 1969, the Stones held a concert at Altamont Speedway outside of San Francisco.  The concert was hoped to be another Woodstock but the Stones had hired the Hells Angels to do security at the event.  A man by the name of Meredith Hunter charged the stage and was stopped by the Angels.  He pulled a gun and was stab to death.  The event was caught on film and it appeared that the Angels were justified in their use of deadly force.  Jagger publicly blamed the Angels for Hunter’s death.  This angered the Angels who plot to have Jagger killed in 1975.  Mick was staying at a residence on the shore of Long Island.  The Angels approached by boat to carry out their plot to kill him.  However, their boat was leaky and they wound up having to swim for their lives and, of course, Jagger never came to any harm.

In 1970 the Beatles broke up and I was upset, like many young women my age.  The silver lining was that over the next several years, things changed and it eventually became acceptable to have both the Beatles’ Red (1962-1966) and Blue (1967-1970) albums in your record collection, alongside Hot Rocks 1964-1971 by the Stones.  The Beatles were now just a memory and the Stones continued to come out with amazing albums as the years progressed.

In 1978, they came out with Some Girls.  The album was not only a big hit musically, but it achieved notoriety for other reasons.  The original album cover included pictures of Farrah Fawcett, Lucille Ball, Marilyn Monroe, Raquel Welch and Judy Garland.  After a threatened lawsuit, the album was rereleased with a redesigned cover.  I liked a lot of the tunes on the record, but I was not too fond of Miss You at the time.  Disco was big back then and it sounded to me like the Stones had sold out.  I heard a disco tune when I heard Miss You.

The title cut off of the next album, Emotional Rescue (1980), also seemed to sell out to the pop sound and I worried that the Stones music I loved would be in jeopardy.  Alas, it was only a phase and they did go back to making just plain old good Rock and Roll.  In all, they released 25 studio albums and almost as many live albums.

This past year, 46 years after the Beatles broke up, the Stones came out with their 25th studio album, Blue & Lonesome.  They are old men now but are still going strong.  Mick Jagger is a great grandfather and Charlie Watts is 75 years old!  In 2006, Keith Richards fell from a coconut tree at the age of 62 with no sign of slowing down.  However, many believed that Richards had been dead since the 70’s but due to the extreme amount of chemicals (drugs) in his body, his body refused to decompose and continued somehow animated to the present.

The Stones Today


  1. This will be a great idea Sue and incredibly fun as well. Your sets are always great and informative. I can't wait for the fun times.