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Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Legendary Chuck Berry (1926 – 2017)

Chuck Berry doing the "Duck Walk."

We lost a great one yesterday, the immortal Chuck Berry and what can I really say?  He was one of the most influential pioneers of Rock ‘n’ Roll Music, beginning in the early years when it was referred to as “Race Music.”  From his very first single in 1955, Maybellene, to his upcoming new album, Chuck, slated to be released this June, the man never slowed down or stopped entertaining us.  He was still playing concert dates last summer with plans to do so again this year.

Known for his infamous “duck walk” on stage, he brought us so many Rock classics.  His awards and accolades are too numerous to list.  He was one of the first artists inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and he has three songs on their list of 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll.

We must remember that without Chuck, Beethoven would never have rolled over and there would have been no one to tell Tchaikovsky the news.  It all began with Chuck Berry.  I find it ironic that I sit here writing this when I will be covering the Electric Light Orchestra tonight and will be featuring one of the greatest covers of Roll Over Beethoven ever.  The song was covered by many, including the Beatles, and remains one of his greatest.

In 1977, two Voyager spacecraft were launched that would eventually travel into deep space and leave our solar system.  On board it was felt that we needed to include some description of us and who we are for any intelligent being that might find it someday.  Included among the sound recordings of whale songs, greetings in 55 languages, and other content, was a recording of Chuck Berry’s Johnny B. Goode.

My entire show tomorrow, Monday, March 20, will be a tribute to him.  So stop playing with your Ding-a-Ling and join us at AWT tomorrow night, 7-9 PM SLT.

I have never known a world without Chuck Berry.  I think Keith Richards spoke for me and legions of other fans and musicians yesterday when he tweeted…

"One of my big lights has gone out.”


  1. What more can be said. He is a legend that will live on even though he may have left us, his music will always be with us to enjoy even if I can't do the "Duck Walk" I can still sing about those "School Daze"