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DJ Sue
Welcome to my blog. I’m a DJ in Second Life and I find myself discussing the music I’m playing with many of those in attendance at my shows. Unfortunately, when I am busy DJing, I can’t participate and discuss the music as fully as I would like. I’m hoping this blog can help change that. Look here before my set to see if I might be playing something interesting today or maybe after to see if discussion on a topic might continue. You are invited to join in the conversation and leave comments.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Destiny's Challenge

I try to make my sets interesting and fresh, and in doing so, most days I include a couple of songs that I don’t think I’ve ever played before in Second Life.  It keeps me from getting caught in a rut.  I was talking with my SL daughter, Destiny, last night and the subject of “songs she has never heard before” came up.  One thing led to another and then she came up with an idea.  Her idea quickly became a challenge.

Could I do a complete show of nothing but songs I’ve never played in Second Life before?

Of course I could.  I could probably do two hours of bagpipes or even circus calliope greatest hits.  There is even a cache of Conway Twitty relatively untouched in the vault.  I happen to like bagpipes; a little calliope music is useful for themes and events; and I keep a small stash of greatest hits by many artists I don’t particularly care for, just so I can fill requests.  I needed to go into the deepest parts of my music vault and blow the dust of some records that I have never played in SL.

The question wasn’t if could I do a two hour show of never before played tunes, but could I do one that I would consider one of my regular signature sets?  Could I do a good set, up to my regular standard, and still have it be one you’d like.  Better still, if I didn’t say anything, would you even notice?

There is the challenge.

I promised Destiny I’d do that set tonight and I’m about to put it together.  I’m trawling long ago forgotten portions of my music library.  My DJ software stores data along with my music library and this has been transferred from computer to computer through the years.  Among this data is information on if I’ve ever played a song before.  While this information doesn’t go back to the very beginning of my DJ career, it starts sometime during my first year.  When I load a playlist, a yellow flag next to a song means that it has never been seen before by my software or loaded onto one of my decks.  Can I put together a set list that loads as ALL yellow flags?  Will it be any good?  Come to AWT tonight from 7-9 PM to find out.


  1. Well if anyone could pull this off it would be either you or Maya, but I'm putting my money on you. Des sure had a cool idea with that and it sounds really fun too! Great challenge! Let's hear it for Destiny! Go get 'em Sue!

    ~ Maya & Kai